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    Please find here the application requirements for wishing to study with us during summer semeter the academic year 2017/2018.

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    About us

    The University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw (AWF) is a public university with more than 2,000 students from around Poland. It is a vibrant and one of the richest learning environments focused on teaching, learning, and servicing the South West of Poland region and beyond.

    For more than sixty years The University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw (AWF) has been committed to excellence in education, research and sport. From its highly regarded undergraduate, graduate and professional programmes the AWF of Wroclaw takes pride in being a place where students around the country and from abroad can pursue high quality knowledge. It is a place where theory and practice combine to produce a better understanding of physical education and sport science.

    We invite you to explore this great university and take advantage of all it has to offer, and wish you the best in achieving your educational goals in our higher education institution.


    The academic programme is backed up by, modern didactic rooms, great library and excellent sport facilities to help students thrive academically and perfect sport performance. Our 3 faculties: Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Physiotherapy and Faculty of Sport  provide opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and professional education, all influenced by AWF distinctive interdisciplinary approach learning and researching. The University as a whole and all of the academic units have been engaged in ongoing planning in order to provide a dynamic and responsive set of programmes in the field of physical education, sport and physiotherapy.

    Bachelor, Master and PhD of Physical Education Science, Sport Science and Physiotherapy and Health Sciences degree provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective of health, sport and well-being, that is drawn from a variety of traditional academic areas, such as anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, philosophy, psychology, sport and rehabilitation sciences.

    Sport and health sciences, Physiotherapy as well as Teacher of physical education form the core fields of our research and education. Our University has been named a University of Excellence in Adult Education by the Ministry of Education.

    The Faculty of Physical Education

    The Faculty of Physiotherapy

    The Faculty of Sport is the only academic institution in Poland educating experts in the field of sport management and high quality coaching education. Also within many of the subjects in physical education and physiotherapy and health sciences our institution is one of best in the country giving university level education.

    A vibrant city of Wroclaw

    The University School of Physical Education (AWF)  picturesque campus is situated near the heart of Wroclaw, a vital and dynamic developing city. Our students and faculty enjoy both campus life and the variety of cultural offerings of the city. In combination with a tremendous selection of social, sport and recreational activities on-campus and in town of Wroclaw, it is hard to find a better atmosphere to conducive high quality studying.


  • Erasmus Policy Statement

     Lifelong Learning Programme Policy Statement of the University School of Physical Education in Wrocław for the years 2014-2020

    International strategy of the University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw is consistent with the European Union policy and constitutes an important element in formation of the region’s economic, cultural and social development. The years 2014-2020 are going to bring about further dynamic progress in student and university staff exchange. To increase mobility and quality, all the initiatives aiming at development will be supported and promoted, and obstacles - simply removed. AWF Wroclaw is going to enrich and make accessible its offer of studies in English, especially with reference to new profiles: cosmetology and occupational therapy. It is going to result in great commitment of partners in creation of educational and training offer which is to be of better quality and attractiveness and anticipates labor market needs.

    Our study programme is based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System which helps recognition of a student’s studies and transfer of their achievements. To support language diversity, we are going to continue our activity to provide scholars with an opportunity to learn Polish. AWF Wroclaw is going to stress the assurance of the highest quality in mobility basing on principles included in the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education in terms of language and cultural preparation of a stay abroad. Also numerous partner visits are planned. During these visits our university is going to present its opportunities and also gather the expectations from its UE and other partners. AWF Wroclaw plans to continue the process of making the studies more accessible to less privileged people and to actively deal with educational needs of the disabled.

    Throughout the last years our university facilities have been adapted to welcoming the disabled scholars, and this process of improving their comfort through modern infrastructure is going to be continued. The university will make every effort to ensure that all the scholars are treated equally irrespective of sex, religion, nationality, in the spirit of respect for human rights and principles of democracy.

    AWF functions in a modern environment of digital technologies and plans its further development. All Erasmus Programme information appears at the webpage, ordinary noticeboards, and in current publications and reports.
    An increase in educational paths flexibility and broadening the offer in English (taking into account the needs of people with various educational background) enables to start new partnerships.

    In respect to student and staff mobility AWF Wroclaw cooperates with institutions (universities, enterprises, labor associations, organizations etc.) which operate in the field of physical education, sport, physiotherapy, cosmetology, occupational therapy and tourism and recreation. Institutions that offer studies in English are treated with priority. Nevertheless, in case when a host institution offers courses in its native language together with scholar support in English (individual work with a student, English-speaking guide, translator) also cooperation attempts are made. The university
    wants to promote and encourage the knowledge of less common European languages. Even though scholars (students and staff members) usually choose Western Europe countries, AWF Wroclaw is evenly open towards the Eastern and Middle Europe, since there is an increase of incoming students and staff from this area. Through such readiness the transnational cooperation development for educational integration of poorer countries of Europe and outside it – is being supported.

    AWF Wroclaw also participates in the „Study in Poland” Programme, has signed agreements with such partners as among others Ukraine, South Korea, Russia. Following the principle to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness in education, including professional development, the university tries to adjust and coordinate the course of studies and traineeships. The attention is drawn to ensure that both host and home study programmes are compatible, but also to enrich our programme with the knowledge student’s home courses do not contain. Above mentioned aims are easy to be accomplished in the case of BA and MA studies, mobility in this group occurs the most often. As far as PhD students are concerned, their mobility is rather limited in terms of courses completion. It results from discrepancies in programme offered by institutions in the same field of science. Because of this fact scholars from this group are mainly engaged in development of their practical abilities by taking part in trainings and placements.

    AWF Wroclaw does not offer short-cycle education. In the years 2014-2020 the University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw will make every effort to participate in the development of double/multiple/joint degrees.

    AWF Wroclaw has participated in one intensive programme so far. It was "Community Based Mental Health" and it was led by the Faculty of Health and Social Studies at HAN-university, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Faculty of Health and Social Studies. Selected students of occupational therapy and physiotherapy profiles had the opportunity to perfect their knowledge and gain general skills such as the ability to adapt to new conditions, to solve problems and to work in international teams. Participation in the above mentioned course was a big challenge for our university, but a positive experience, as well. It also resulted in numerous multimedia presentations which were very popular among the academic staff and the students. It is a step to reach an objective in view of the international policy, namely to participate in subsequent intensive programmes, multilateral projects or thematic networks. AWF plans to take part in the next intensive programmes covering the fields of health and rehabilitation. AWF Wroclaw is also going to carry out an advertising campaign to encourage the participation in intensive programmes, multilateral projects or thematic networks under Erasmus Programme. It is going to include meetings, trainings, panel discussions with students and academic staff, consultations with the Programme coordinators, as well as publications of updated information at the university webpage. Currently, AWF Wroclaw is not ready to coordinate (or manage) projects, and it is because of insufficient experience in this matter.

    Strategy of the University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw together with its objectives and activities implement the European Union plan of lifelong education and training. It positively influences the image and development of the University. According to the national university ranking our institution is the best university school of physical education in
    Poland (2010, 2012, 2013). The need of continuous improvement in the level of education, its quality and the relevance result in the introduction of flexible learning approach which is to foster the performance of different quality tasks at work. European standards and guidelines support the activity to attune curricula to labour market conditions. The university has developed strategy, policy and procedures for the quality of study programmes and education effects. Our curricula are properly prepared, regularly monitored and evaluated which guarantees their relevance and validity. Our institution monitors the career paths of our former students to respond to the needs in rapidly changing economy. The university staff members have the adequate qualifications and competences and are encouraged to further development. AWF Wroclaw has provided the students with full opportunities to exploit the benefits of information technologies in their education. Moreover, effective and efficient organizational structures have been introduced to manage and support the above activities.

    Improvement of quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation stimulated student and staff mobility. The university is motivated to share its educational resources and information regarding international mobility, and also to introduce innovations adjusted to specific needs in respect of education and training. The obstacles hindering mobility, especially the ones concerning recognition of studies – are analyzed and eliminated. AWF’s priority is to create the “knowledge triangle” linking higher education, research and innovations. The research and its outcome put into practice will be one of the university’s most valuable assets. The development process of the knowledge triangle will not only strengthen AWF Wroclaw, increase competitiveness of the business sector, but also will bring about benefits for the economy and its growth.

    The management and financing of the „Lifelong Learning” Programme is consistent with the European Commission policy. It facilitated preparation and introduction of clear principles, by-laws and organizational or financial procedures. All official decisions undertaken in respect of provision of quality are based on published and consistently enforced criteria. The results AWF Wroclaw obtains are monitored and evaluated – which increased effectiveness and responsibility of the parties involved in the decision-making processes.


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