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The University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw (AWF) is a public university with more than 2,000 students from around Poland. It is a vibrant and one of the richest learning environments focused on teaching, learning, and servicing the South West of Poland region and beyond.

For more than sixty years The University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw (AWF) has been committed to excellence in education, research and sport. From its highly regarded undergraduate, graduate and professional programmes the AWF of Wroclaw takes pride in being a place where students around the country and from abroad can pursue high quality knowledge. It is a place where theory and practice combine to produce a better understanding of physical education and sport science.

We invite you to explore this great university and take advantage of all it has to offer, and wish you the best in achieving your educational goals in our higher education institution.


The academic programme is backed up by, modern didactic rooms, great library and excellent sport facilities to help students thrive academically and perfect sport performance. Our 3 faculties: Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Physiotherapy and Faculty of Sport  provide opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and professional education, all influenced by AWF distinctive interdisciplinary approach learning and researching. The University as a whole and all of the academic units have been engaged in ongoing planning in order to provide a dynamic and responsive set of programmes in the field of physical education, sport and physiotherapy.

Bachelor, Master and PhD of Physical Education Science, Sport Science and Physiotherapy and Health Sciences degree provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective of health, sport and well-being, that is drawn from a variety of traditional academic areas, such as anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, philosophy, psychology, sport and rehabilitation sciences.

Sport and health sciences, Physiotherapy as well as Teacher of physical education form the core fields of our research and education. Our University has been named a University of Excellence in Adult Education by the Ministry of Education.

The Faculty of Physical Education

The Faculty of Physiotherapy

The Faculty of Sport is the only academic institution in Poland educating experts in the field of sport management and high quality coaching education. Also within many of the subjects in physical education and physiotherapy and health sciences our institution is one of best in the country giving university level education.

A vibrant city of Wroclaw

The University School of Physical Education (AWF)  picturesque campus is situated near the heart of Wroclaw, a vital and dynamic developing city. Our students and faculty enjoy both campus life and the variety of cultural offerings of the city. In combination with a tremendous selection of social, sport and recreational activities on-campus and in town of Wroclaw, it is hard to find a better atmosphere to conducive high quality studying.